• [JAVA-2694] - Summary Files Moved to Storage/archive folder
  • [JAVA-2691] - Setting setValidateCheckSum to 'false' does not allows to accept messages when CheckSum validation warning is thrown
  • [JAVA-2690] - Wrong checksum calculation when raw message contains non-ASCII symbol
  • [JAVA-2559] - Include the engine -javadoc.jar files into the distribution package
  • [JAVA-2354] - Session does not send Logout reply when Logout message with gap was received
  • [JAVA-2101] - Use String field type for string fields instead of Char for standard dictionaries FIX40 and FIX41


  • [JAVA-2684] - Copy Repeating Group instance from one Group to another
  • [JAVA-2681] - Acceptor session should be disconnected out of scheduled time
  • [JAVA-2538] - Message.toString() method should not re-calculate BodyLength and CheckSum fields
  • [JAVA-2521] - Resolve issues related to MarketDepth
  • [JAVA-2503] - Make Engine.onError() and Engine.onWarning() non-synchronized
  • [JAVA-2374] - Avoid settings explicit application version fields (ApplVerID(1128), ApplExtID(1156), CstmApplVerID(1129)) on Session Level Messages
  • [JAVA-2368] - Make Message.toString() method immutable
  • [JAVA-2321] - Make the Engine compatible with the Java 11

New Feature

  • [JAVA-2513] - Add Message.toJson() and Message.toXml() methods