New Feature

  • [JAVA-2520] - FlatGroupReader for FlatMessage
  • [JAVA-2512] - Option to switch on/off logging of outbound messages before/after sending.
  • [JAVA-2508] - Implement thread pool spinning timeout
  • [JAVA-2506] - Implement receive spinning timeout
  • [JAVA-2494] - Support QuickFix required attribute of group tag
  • [JAVA-2490] - Ability to override Repeating Group and make number of instances tag as required


  • [JAVA-2517] - FixBlock.getGroup() returns null in case a repeating group with 0 instances appears in raw message
  • [JAVA-2493] - Upgrade to "dialects-2.16.xsd"
  • [JAVA-2491] - Tag defined in a dialect without type should keep predefined type
  • [JAVA-2478] - Session.sendTestRequest(..)/sendResendRequest(..) method call in non-established state


  • [JAVA-2516] - FIX session is dropped when an incoming message type is not defined in an overridden dictionary
  • [JAVA-2484] - ResendRequest message stored before the incoming message
  • [JAVA-2482] - Incorrect RefSeqNum(45) for Session Reject(3) message