• [JAVA-2417] - Incorrect SessionRejectReason(373) returned in some scenarios
  • [JAVA-2401] - Field type is not updated if it appears in the dialect with one of predefined type
  • [JAVA-2385] - Link error/Receiver timeout while reset seq. number via Logon exchange is in progress
  • [JAVA-2370] - Session reject message is not send in case validation error is detected in the received message
  • [JAVA-2356] - Session does not perform more than one reconnect attempt


New Feature

  • [JAVA-2391] - Session.getCounterpartyHostAsSpecified() returns counterparty host name/address as it is specified during logon
  • [JAVA-2138] - Thread pool mechanism sharing sending/receiving threads
  • [JAVA-1931] - Copy an entire repeating group from one FixBlock to another