New Feature

  • [JAVA-2316] - Make configurable whether Acceptor thread is daemon or user thread
  • [JAVA-2274] - Add a GC-free interface to Message/FixBlock/Group classes
  • [JAVA-2266] - Move terminated files into archive subdirectory
  • [JAVA-2258] - Message construction/creation/initialization using MessageValidationFlags parameter
  • [JAVA-2257] - Unknown Message Validation
  • [JAVA-2251] - Enum MessageValidationFlags
  • [JAVA-2249] - Engine level ValidateEmptyFieldValues configuration
  • [JAVA-2243] - Engine level MessageMode configuration
  • [JAVA-2188] - Implement Message.assemble(FlatMessage) method
  • [JAVA-1818] - Validate the field values of FIX messages in accordance with the FIX protocol or its FIX Dictionary
  • [JAVA-1753] - AsyncFileStorageRepository.setWriteErrorRetriesNumber(..)/getWriteErrorRetriesNumber()
  • [JAVA-1703] - Add append(int tag, StringBuilder value) method FixBlock/Group/FlatMessage classes
  • [JAVA-1700] - Add setTimestamp(int tag, long currentTimeMillis) to FixBlock/Group/FlatMessage classes
  • [JAVA-1698] - Add checkType(..) method to Message/FlatMessage classes
  • [JAVA-1697] - Add containsSame(..) method to FixBlock/Group/FlatMessage classes


  • [JAVA-2306] - Application level messages received in Disconnected state
  • [JAVA-2285] - BREAKING CHANGE: Move Logon message password scrambling from Session Storage to Session
  • [JAVA-2278] - BREAKING CHANGE: SessionLevelMsgType types changed from String to char
  • [JAVA-2259] - Improve docs for adding custom tags and groups to Fixml Converter
  • [JAVA-2253] - Remove out of order logging in the .summary log file
  • [JAVA-2250] - BREAKING CHANGE: Modify engine level ValidateFieldValues configuration
  • [JAVA-2177] - Update Understanding Session States section of Programming Guide
  • [JAVA-1705] - Improve Message() constructor docs
  • [JAVA-1693] - Make the checksum validation configurable


  • [JAVA-2296] - NextExpectedSeqMsgNum should be effectively ignored when ResetSeqNumFlag is specified in the Logon
  • [JAVA-2294] - Session dispose in waiting for the confirming logon state hangs
  • [JAVA-2284] - Password scrambling does not work for AsyncFileSessionStorage
  • [JAVA-2004] - Session.ErrorListener is not called if there is an exception during parsing of incoming raw message to structured one
  • [JAVA-1577] - Scheduler job has been deleted but not interrupted


  • [JAVA-2260] - BREAKING CHANGE: Rename MessageMode.Message(FlatMessage) to MessageMode.MESSAGE(FLAT_MESSAGE)