• [JAVA-2214] - Setting the same integer value multiple times increases the FlatMessage content length continuously
  • [JAVA-2206] - Non-standard GroupInstance iterator remove behaviour
  • [JAVA-2205] - Incomplete javadocs for classes in biz.onixs.fix.dictionary
  • [JAVA-2191] - Receiver/Sender threads are not stopped properly
  • [JAVA-2178] - Session.isDisposed() returns true while Session.dispose() is executing
  • [JAVA-2167] - Turn the MaximumNumberOfRepeatingGroupEntries property functional back


  • [JAVA-2207] - Revert JAVA-1767: Add Connection.OutputQueueSize configuration


  • [JAVA-2203] - Upgrade to "scheduler-settings-1.7.xsd"
  • [JAVA-2190] - Review/enhance of ParserException
  • [JAVA-2183] - BREAKING CHANGE: If the keepSequenceNumbersAfterLogout argument is set to false, then sequence numbers should be reset during the reconnect too
  • [JAVA-2148] - Refactoring of the biz.onixs.fix.dictionary
  • [JAVA-2096] - Use two buffers instead of queue in Sending thread
  • [JAVA-2014] - Make FlatMessage.get(int tag, int hintPosition) public

New Feature

  • [JAVA-1851] - Support setting timezone via configuration file