New Feature

  • [JAVA-2139] - Include pom.xml for onixs-utils.jar
  • [JAVA-2136] - Configure the messaging mode used internally
  • [JAVA-2134] - Implement SessionScheduler.setConnectionRetriesNumber(..) and SessionScheduler.setConnectionRetriesInterval(..) methods
  • [JAVA-2130] - Message construction and initialization from FlatMessage


  • [JAVA-2125] - Session.breakConnection() should also immediately release blocking methods execution
  • [JAVA-2109] - Implement FixMessage.toString() method
  • [JAVA-1738] - Single thread to listen to incoming connections on multiple ports


  • [JAVA-2116] - Session level messages are processed before storing
  • [JAVA-2108] - FieldIterator does not return the CheckSum field as the last one when there is a custom field
  • [JAVA-2089] - Tag CollAction<944> should not be present in message CollateralReport<BA> in FIX44 Standard dialect
  • [JAVA-2080] - Unable to listen on two different ports for the same SenderCompID, TargetCompID and FIX version
  • [JAVA-2056] - Session storage implementation provides old non-actual messages
  • [JAVA-2044] - Tag 263 for FIX.5.0 SecurityDefinitionRequest<c> message should be simple tag instead of group