• [JAVA-3192] - Sending a message from SessionStorage.storeInboundMessage(..) callback leads to an infinite loop
  • [JAVA-3179] - Message.getUTCTimestamp() should also parse timestamp without decimal part of seconds
  • [JAVA-3130] - QuickFIX dialect version is parsed incorrectly in some cases


  • [JAVA-3189] - Set SessionRejectReason to 5 when EndSeqNo is out of range in a ResendRequest message
  • [JAVA-3134] - Update HighResolutionTimestamp to use java.time.LocalDateTime instead java.util.Calendar
  • [JAVA-3118] - Get ride of SimpleDateFormat and use DateTimeFormatter instead
  • [JAVA-3007] - Update dialect schema to support FIXLATEST version


  • [JAVA-3153] - Remove Joda-Time dependency
  • [JAVA-3127] - Add the latest EP287 dictionary to the engine package
  • [JAVA-3121] - Remove depreciated methods which use obsolete DateTime API
  • [JAVA-3069] - Add the latest EP286 dictionary to the engine package

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