New Feature


  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1156] - Flush the session storage when the session goes to the Disconnected state
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1155] - CODE BREAKING CHANGE: Remove Engine.LocalNetworkInterface property
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1154] - CODE BREAKING CHANGE: Rename Scheduler.SessionResettedLocalSequenceNumbers to SessionResetLocalSequenceNumbers
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1144] - Try to restore the connection if the connectivity issue is detected while waiting for the confirming Logon message
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1142] - Avoid data race when a new FIX connection is created during message sending
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1136] - Remove memory allocation in Message.Reset() and Message.Set(tag, string) methods
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1122] - Improve the detection of connection issues when a ResendRequest with a large gap range is processed
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1117] - Avoid a concurrent call of the Session.StateChanged callback
  • [NETCOREFIXENGINE-1090] - BREAKING CHANGE: In the XML dictionary message 'override' mode, all automatically added standard message header fields should be added before the message body fields