• [CPP-4149] - Add info about SIGPIPE Linux signal for SSL connections
  • [CPP-4139] - Improve the detection of connection issues when a ResendRequest with a large gap range is processed
  • [CPP-4134] - Avoid a concurrent call of the ISessionListener::onStateChange(..) callback
  • [CPP-4131] - TCPDirect connections should not try to get the remote hostname by DNS
  • [CPP-4127] - Remove inheritance from the std::iterator in iterator classes
  • [CPP-4120] - Add info about linker issues with FieldValueRef when a non-C++17 package is used with the C++17 standard
  • [CPP-4110] - Make public headers self-contained with WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN defined
  • [CPP-4106] - BREAKING CHANGE: Use SecureString object to set a password for the private key
  • [CPP-4086] - Add a warning when HeartBtInt < 0 in an incoming Logon
  • [CPP-4082] - Add "TCPDirect for Acceptor Sessions" article
  • [CPP-4055] - Make the throttling functionality more stable and predictable
  • [CPP-4050] - Add a note about the call order of pluggable storage methods
  • [CPP-4028] - Provide more details about the ISessionStorage interface and its parameters
  • [CPP-4021] - Migrate to OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Windows
  • [CPP-4012] - Add ISessionStorage::warmup
  • [CPP-4011] - Add a note about hugepages to the "Solarflare TCPDirect" article
  • [CPP-3989] - Add an ability to create/convert Timestamp objects from/to Unix timestamp
  • [CPP-3936] - Add an optional timeout parameter to the Session::sendTestRequest() method
  • [CPP-3902] - Describe Message pretty print methods
  • [CPP-3782] - Log when the session is registered and unregistered with the scheduler
  • [CPP-3739] - Add the "Controlling outgoing message flow" article
  • [CPP-3712] - Add a "Memory Consumption" article.
  • [CPP-3704] - Support the "remove" mode for the "Message" XML dialect node
  • [CPP-3559] - Throw an exception when try to remove non-registered session from SessionScheduler


  • [CPP-4146] - Add the latest EP272 dictionary to the engine package

New Feature

  • [CPP-4094] - Support SSL functionality on RHEL9 and Ubuntu 22.04
  • [CPP-4060] - Certificate verification diagnostics
  • [CPP-4036] - Method to get the range of sent messages from the session storage
  • [CPP-3995] - EngineSettings::scrambleLogonFields(..) setting
  • [CPP-3758] - Field and Group iterators for FlatMessage
  • [CPP-3087] - Zero-Copy TCP batch sending


  • [CPP-4070] - Incorrect SenderCompID and TargetCompID of a routed FIX message when DeliverToCompID is used
  • [CPP-4025] - SequenceReset message can contain AppVerID<1128> tag
  • [CPP-3993] - Unexpected behavior when the reply to the initial Logon with ResetSeqNumFlag=Y is not received