• [CPP-3954] - The incoming Logon message for acceptors should use the session dictionary
  • [CPP-3938] - BREAKING CHANGE: Add an ability to scramble any tag in the Logon message
  • [CPP-3918] - Add validation exception class with corresponding details
  • [CPP-2940] - BREAKING CHANGE: change types of all TypedValues string constants with one size length to char


  • [CPP-3951] - Possible concurrent issue when session is disconnected at the same time when the reconnect is started
  • [CPP-3850] - Crash after unsuccessful reconnect in TCPDirect mode

New Feature

  • [CPP-3937] - ISessionListener::onResendingStarted()/ISessionListener::onResendingFinished()
  • [CPP-3906] - TCPDirect for session-acceptors
  • [CPP-3884] - bool Message::tryValidate(MessageValidationFlags validationFlags, std::string & errorDescription) method
  • [CPP-3883] - Use std::string_view instead of StringRef for C++17
  • [CPP-3863] - Support ExternalThread mode for acceptor sessions for regular TCP connections