• [CPP-3509] - FieldSet::getTimestamp(..) without the format parameter
  • [CPP-3506] - Replace FIX50SP2EP233 dictionary to more recent FIX50SP2EP257 in base dialects folder
  • [CPP-3474] - Add the "Message Throttling" section to the Programming Guide
  • [CPP-3470] - BREAKING CHANGE: Replace bool conversion operator of FieldSet/Group classes to the explicit valid() method
  • [CPP-3457] - The Session::sendResendRequestOnEachMessageGap setting should affect session-level messages too
  • [CPP-3449] - Do not perform the TCP connect under the session's lock during the Session::logonAsInitiator(..) call
  • [CPP-3424] - Support new datatypes from the latest EP
  • [CPP-3409] - BREAKING CHANGE: Rename ConnectionMode to ThreadingModel
  • [CPP-3349] - Avoid settings explicit application version fields (ApplVerID(1128), ApplExtID(1156), CstmApplVerID(1129)) on Session Level Messages


  • [CPP-3476] - Session state does not move to "Disconnected" after the telecommunication link error in some cases
  • [CPP-3407] - The sporadical "connection closing process is not finished after the internal timeout" warning

New Feature

  • [CPP-3469] - Engine::settings()
  • [CPP-3456] - Session::resendTimeout
  • [CPP-3403] - BREAKING CHANGE: Method chaining
  • [CPP-3272] - Add password scrambling functionality
  • [CPP-3193] - Ability to monitor host switching in the scheduler
  • [CPP-823] - Strongly Typed Messages