• [CPP-3387] - Wait for the completion of the underlying connection closing properly
  • [CPP-3386] - In the 'append' mode of session level dictionaries, valid tag values should be taken from standard FIX dictionaries
  • [CPP-3375] - Add a question to FAQ about GCC 'Dual ABI' mismatch
  • [CPP-3344] - Support Visual Studio 2019
  • [CPP-3342] - Optimization of messages extraction during restoring the session state from log files
  • [CPP-3298] - Add an ability to the SerializedMessage class to disable/enable zero-copy buffer usage
  • [CPP-3296] - Add a description and example of the asynchronous Logon/Logout usage
  • [CPP-3291] - BREAKING CHANGE: Asynchronous Logon/Logout methods should return SharedFuture objects
  • [CPP-3265] - Session::logout(..) methods should throw an exception when failing to get the response


  • [CPP-3363] - Duplicated resend requests for the last message in the gap interval if it is an application message
  • [CPP-3310] - ExpectedIncomingMessageSize setting is discarded after the session Logout
  • [CPP-3302] - Zero-copy send uses a regular socket send instead of an onload zero-copy one

New Feature

  • [CPP-3360] - BREAKING CHANGE: Changing of the library name on Windows