New Feature

  • [CPP-3154] - New FIX Engine generation
  • [CPP-3153] - Support of the ThreadPool mode on Linux
  • [CPP-3123] - Allow to add listen port(s) after the FIX Engine initialization with ListenPort=0
  • [CPP-3117] - EngineSettings::resendRequestMaximumRange() setting
  • [CPP-3116] - EngineSettings::specifyLastMsgSeqNumProcessed() setting
  • [CPP-3114] - Session::reconnectInterval() setting
  • [CPP-3113] - Session::reconnectAttempts() setting
  • [CPP-3102] - Engine::synchronizeHighResolutionTimeServiceWithSystemTime()
  • [CPP-3062] - EngineSettings::reportNewMessagesWhileWaitingForMissedMessages property
  • [CPP-3030] - Add the "async" parameter to Session::logonAsInitiator(..) methods
  • [CPP-3010] - EngineSettings::sslListenPorts(..)
  • [CPP-2978] - Add a warmupFlags parameter to the Session::warmUp() method


  • [CPP-3148] - Describe the case with ResetSeqNumFlag when the initial Logon message was sent without this flag
  • [CPP-3119] - BREAKING CHANGE: Rename Session::specifyLastMsgSeqNumProcessedField into Session:specifyLastMsgSeqNumProcessed
  • [CPP-3107] - Add an example of FIX Engine initialization via a config file
  • [CPP-3098] - The internal high-resolution time service should use GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime function on Windows.
  • [CPP-3084] - Add information about differences in behavior between Message and SerializedMessage in session event handling part
  • [CPP-3013] - Session::listenPort(..) option should accept ssl listen ports
  • [CPP-3012] - Session::listenPort(..) option should accept listen ports, which are added after the FIX Engine initialization
  • [CPP-3011] - Specify that ListenPort config parameter can accept a multiple value
  • [CPP-2998] - Logging for SessionScheduler


  • [CPP-3083] - Compilation errors of code examples from the programing guide
  • [CPP-3066] - The sequence number of an unexpected incoming message in reply on Logon should NOT be stored in the storage.