• [NETCMECTH-289] - Return logging of incoming messages
  • [NETCMECTH-257] - [BREAKING CHANGE] Instrument in TradeCaptureReportRequest should be a single object instead of a collection

New Feature

  • [NETCMECTH-280] - Add Settlement Method field available at the Leg Level
  • [NETCMECTH-278] - Add Fee Multiplier field
  • [NETCMECTH-272] - Add CustOrdHdlInst property to TradeCaptureReport.RptSide
  • [NETCMECTH-270] - Add field Memo<5149> to TradeCaptureReport/TrdCapRptSideGrp
  • [NETCMECTH-261] - Add UOMQty property for the TradeCaptureReport.Instrument