New Feature

  • [JCMEMDH-614] - Property to control the maximum number of packets to be recovered via Tcp Replay service


  • [JCMEMDH-611] - Include list of dependencies in the handler packages in pom.xml format
  • [JCMEMDH-609] - [BREAKING CHANGE] Migrate to Apache BCEL library 5.2
  • [JCMEMDH-608] - DynamicClassLoader should specify parent class loader
  • [JCMEMDH-607] - Add the Maven build file to samples
  • [JCMEMDH-530] - Remove duplicated jars with different versions from lib folder
  • [JCMEMDH-500] - ReceivedPacket.toString() should return human-friendly text
  • [JCMEMDH-499] - PacketProcessingEventArgs.toString() should return human-friendly text
  • [JCMEMDH-440] - [BREAKING CHANGE] Rename MessageGapDetectedListener to PacketGapDetectedListener