• [CCMEMDH-1529] - BREAKING CHANGE: Handler settings can be updated any type after instance construction
  • [CCMEMDH-1528] - Samples options reworked and enhanced
  • [CCMEMDH-1527] - BREAKING CHANGE: Changes in SBE message and group field access
  • [CCMEMDH-1526] - BREAKING CHANGE: API changes caused by the new Feed Engine feature
  • [CCMEMDH-1467] - Make TCP recovery to be asynchronous procedure
  • [CCMEMDH-1108] - Documentation Enhancements

New Feature

  • [CCMEMDH-1492] - PCAP file replay
  • [CCMEMDH-1450] - Feed Engine abstraction to let the customers handle networking/data source layer on their own