• [ILINKBOECPP-500] - BREAKING CHANGE: rename SessionSettings::receiveBufferSize(..) to SessionSettings::socketReceiveBufferSize(..)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-499] - BREAKING CHANGE: rename SessionSettings::sendBufferSize(..) to SessionSettings::socketSendBufferSize(..)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-498] - BREAKING CHANGE: rename SessionSettings::serviceThreadAffinity(..) to SessionSettings::threadPoolAffinity(..)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-478] - BREAKING CHANGE: rename SessionStorage::setTerminated(..) to SessionStorage::terminated(..)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-477] - BREAKING CHANGE: improve SessionSettings configuration keys' names
  • [ILINKBOECPP-476] - AuditTrailGenerator: the PartyDetails group of PartyDetailsDefinitionRequest should be processed as one record
  • [ILINKBOECPP-475] - BREAKING CHANGE: move exceptions to the Exceptions namespace
  • [ILINKBOECPP-474] - AuditTrailGenerator: For the PartyDetailsDefinitionRequest message, the "Operator ID" column should be filled from PartyRole (118 - Operator)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-473] - BREAKING CHANGE: remove SessionListener::onResendRequest(..)
  • [ILINKBOECPP-472] - AuditTrailGenerator: String presentation of enum field values should reflect a value, not a full value description
  • [ILINKBOECPP-470] - AuditTrailGenerator: add the option to configure the output field delimiter
  • [ILINKBOECPP-462] - Add ExchangeInitiatedTerminateMessage to SessionErrorReason
  • [ILINKBOECPP-451] - Add the "customKey" argument to the Session constructor
  • [ILINKBOECPP-445] - BREAKING CHANGE: change NotAppliedAction::Default to NotAppliedAction::DoNothing
  • [ILINKBOECPP-407] - Describe Fault Tolerance
  • [ILINKBOECPP-391] - Improve the 'Message Sequence Numbers' section
  • [ILINKBOECPP-375] - Add the Handling Business Reject Messages section

New Feature



  • [ILINKBOECPP-453] - Pass the "Bi-Directional Gap Scenario (Sequence Gap Fill) - (Day or FAK/FOK orders) for On-Demand Format" iLink 3 AutoCert test