• [ILINKBOECPP-799] - Crash after unsuccessful start in TCPDirect mode
  • [ILINKBOECPP-798] - Crash after unsuccessful reconnect in TCPDirect mode
  • [ILINKBOECPP-786] - The "Processed Entries" field is wrongly filled from the CxlQuantity tag instead of TotalAffectedOrders
  • [ILINKBOECPP-756] - Order reject reason field value appears in Source of Cancellation but not in Reject Reason field
  • [ILINKBOECPP-741] - FileBased storage does not save PreviousSeqNum correctly


  • [ILINKBOECPP-785] - The AuditTrailGenerator should produce a single record for OrderMassActionReport if the NoAffectedOrders group is empty
  • [ILINKBOECPP-776] - Add missed articles for the "Scheduling Sessions for Automatic Connection"
  • [ILINKBOECPP-739] - Consider the reasonable transmission time while sending the Sequence heartbeat
  • [ILINKBOECPP-732] - Add "Reduce the probability of message fragmentation across multiple TCP packets" article

New Feature

  • [ILINKBOECPP-600] - Add an ability to send messages with different types in a batch