• [ILINKBOECPP-679] - BREAKING CHANGE: Remove SessionStorage::clear() method
  • [ILINKBOECPP-668] - Add thread safety comments to TCPDirect samples
  • [ILINKBOECPP-667] - Update the Session::send() thread safety API comments
  • [ILINKBOECPP-661] - Add explicit article about the threading model of TCPDirect mode
  • [ILINKBOECPP-657] - Sequence heartbeats should not be generated during the messages sending in TCPDirect mode
  • [ILINKBOECPP-649] - Add information about Audit Trail Generator to the Programming Guide
  • [ILINKBOECPP-642] - Process the Sequence message for the previous UUID correctly
  • [ILINKBOECPP-619] - Add information about the handling of SBE Schema Versioning
  • [ILINKBOECPP-615] - Rework the logic related to the PreviousUUID and PreviousSeqNo
  • [ILINKBOECPP-610] - Support Version 6 of the SBE Schema
  • [ILINKBOECPP-608] - BREAKING CHANGE Remove SessionListener::onOutboundApplicationMsg
  • [ILINKBOECPP-607] - BREAKING CHANGE Remove SessionListener::onOutboundSessionMsg
  • [ILINKBOECPP-587] - Improve the TCPDirect library lazy initialization
  • [ILINKBOECPP-571] - Improve batch send methods
  • [ILINKBOECPP-570] - Add the maxPacketSize parameter to batch send methods
  • [ILINKBOECPP-562] - Add an article about the Gateway Emulator
  • [ILINKBOECPP-490] - Separate timeouts of the Gateway emulator


  • [ILINKBOECPP-673] - The Handler wrongly reset sequence numbers in the session storage in some cases
  • [ILINKBOECPP-646] - The Handler does not send Sequence Heartbeats in TCPDirect mode
  • [ILINKBOECPP-599] - The batch send is missed in the API documentation
  • [ILINKBOECPP-546] - The scheduler loses track of the session when it changes its uuid
  • [ILINKBOECPP-545] - No error is reported when try to remove unregistered Session from SessionScheduler

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