Release Notes - C++ FIX Engine - Version 3.24.0

Release Notes - C++ FIX Engine - Version 3.24.0

27 October 2017

New Feature

  • [CPP-2719] - Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • [CPP-2717] - BREAKING CHANGE: Changing of the library name
  • [CPP-2705] - Support ICE FIX Order Routing v4.0
  • [CPP-2678] - Session::sendingTimeFormat(TimestampFormat::Enum format)
  • [CPP-2635] - License file expiration alerting and warnings
  • [CPP-2624] - Session::socketOptions(..)
  • [CPP-2612] - Support the pico second timestamps that are required by MiFID II
  • [CPP-2596] - Support ICE FIX Order Routing v3.6


  • [CPP-2687] - Avoid unnecessary calls of the time service on the sending path
  • [CPP-2665] - Add information about string constant and typed constant values
  • [CPP-2656] - Add default values for setting members of classes
  • [CPP-2641] - Store small text values more efficiently
  • [CPP-2639] - Add information about the delay between Wireshark and FIX Engine logs timestamps
  • [CPP-2630] - BREAKING CHANGE: Redesign Timestamp/TimeSpan headers
  • [CPP-2623] - Session::sendResendRequest(..) should throw an Exception if EndSeqNum is less than BeginSeqNum
  • [CPP-2621] - Add a question about "Cannot logon: after sending the initial Logon message the telecommunication link error is detected" error to FAQ
  • [CPP-2598] - Optimization of messages extraction from the session storage
  • [CPP-2595] - Improve the Solarflare Onload Features page
  • [CPP-2586] - Add information about how TLS/SSL version is chosen when TLS/SSL encryption is used

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