• [CPP-2577] - Improve the log warning when a garbled message is received
  • [CPP-2564] - Add a warning about the restriction of the thread pool support
  • [CPP-2551] - Ignore duplicated messages with PossDupFlag=Y
  • [CPP-2540] - Per-session ssl settings should support the certificate chain
  • [CPP-2534] - Repair external SSL related links


  • [CPP-2571] - Priority and policy cannot be set at the same time

New Feature

  • [CPP-2567] - Session.sendReject
  • [CPP-2550] - Add a constructor for seconds/nanoseconds for the Timestamp class
  • [CPP-2548] - Session level ssl settings to verify peer certificates
  • [CPP-2547] - Stream output operator for Group, GroupInstance, SerializedMessage classes
  • [CPP-2544] - Add an ability to set trusted certification authority ssl certificates