• [CPP-2520] - Describe two options of the resend functionality when the sequence gap is detected
  • [CPP-2519] - Remove the library initialization issue
  • [CPP-2511] - All log errors/warnings should trigger corresponding error/warning callbacks
  • [CPP-2510] - Restart the system call if it is returned with the EINTR error due to the interruption by a Linux signal
  • [CPP-2506] - Introduce ExceptionInEventHandler session error reason
  • [CPP-2490] - "PrettyPrint" sample should use iterators
  • [CPP-2486] - Add "Why is the outgoing buffer in the onMessageSending callback equals to NULL for SerializedMessage objects?" question to FAQ
  • [CPP-2465] - Ignore field duplicates in QuickFIX dictionaries
  • [CPP-2461] - Add "Using QuickFIX dictionaries" page
  • [CPP-2453] - Improve the Latency Benchmark sample
  • [CPP-2449] - ThisThread::affinity(const CpuIndex cpuIndex)
  • [CPP-2448] - EngineSettings::asyncFileBasedStorageThreadAffinity(const CpuIndex cpuIndex)
  • [CPP-2445] - Add “Understanding Send Latency” page
  • [CPP-2436] - FieldSet::set methods should not validate unknown fields
  • [CPP-2433] - Add information about MSGW to the "CME Specific Settings" page

New Feature

  • [CPP-2504] - ResendingMessages sample
  • [CPP-2479] - Session::sendAsIs(SerializedMessage*)
  • [CPP-2456] - Update the ICE Trading Client sample in accordance with ICE FIX OS Reference Manual - 3.5
  • [CPP-2454] - ThisThread::spinWait(int microseconds)
  • [CPP-2447] - SerializedMessage::toString() method
  • [CPP-2422] - Add setters for TimeSpan values to the SerializedMessage class
  • [CPP-2146] - Add getter/setter for TimeSpan values to the FieldSet class
  • [CPP-599] - Message::copyFields(const Message&)


  • [CPP-2493] - Infinite recursive call when a Logout message is received in replay to the Resend Request message