New Feature

  • [CPP-2193] - EngineSettings::asyncFileBasedStorageThreadAffinity
  • [CPP-2139] - EngineSettings::logOutboundMessages
  • [CPP-2138] - EngineSettings::logInboundMessages
  • [CPP-2083] - Support Visual Studio 2015
  • [CPP-2079] - Session::incomingMessageGapQueueMaximumSize
  • [CPP-2070] - Session::ignoreLessThanExpectedSequenceNumber option
  • [CPP-2018] - EngineSettings::receiveSpinningTimeout


  • [CPP-2184] - Describe a timeout, which is used to wait Logon/Logout response.
  • [CPP-2174] - “Reconnection Facility” article should be added to Programing Guide
  • [CPP-2156] - Improve the id generation when the QuickFIX dialect is used
  • [CPP-2125] - Add "Customizing Logging" topic to Programming Guide
  • [CPP-2124] - All configuration settings should be present in the “Complete Reference of Configuration Settings” page
  • [CPP-2116] - Information about the logging order of incoming messages should be added to Programming Guide
  • [CPP-2109] - EngineSettings::specifyApplVerIdField
  • [CPP-2108] - SBE Decoding and Encoding should be described in Programming Guide
  • [CPP-2092] - Describe settings which allow user create a maximum number of sessions
  • [CPP-2085] - Message::validate(MessageValidationFlags) method should validate required fields for the application level only
  • [CPP-2056] - Improve warm-up effect when Solarflare's Onload is used


  • [CPP-2181] - Session::logout is stuck when Session::breakConnection is called in LogoutInProgress state
  • [CPP-2163] - Session does not store FIX messages of the gap continuation on certain condition
  • [CPP-2161] - Unexpected “MsgSeqNum too low” exception
  • [CPP-2113] - BREAKING CHANGE: Errors in standard FIX dictionaries
  • [CPP-2066] - FIX Engine requests the received message when requestOnlyMissedMessages is true, on certain conditions