• [CPP-618] - Parsing message from string failing if check sum tag is not present dispite using MessageParsingFlag::None
  • [CPP-651] - Looks like error in documentation


  • [CPP-614] - Optimize throughput.
  • [CPP-615] - Throughput benchmark sample should be added to the setup package.
  • [CPP-649] - Only the latest *.state file should be analyzed during the creation of a Session with a file-based session storage.
  • [CPP-661] - Clarify issues related with using real numbers while manipulating FIX fields
  • [CPP-666] - Pluggable Session Storage section in the Programmer's Guide
  • [CPP-672] - Linux signals handling logic should be added to our SellSide and BuySide samples.
  • [CPP-676] - 'LocalInterfaces' configuration option should be described in Programming Guide.
  • [CPP-697] - File Based Storage segmented mode described in help.

New Feature

  • [CPP-626] - Session::messageGrouping(..) method


  • [CPP-684] - Add EngineSettings::ignoreFileBasedStorageIntegrityErrors member to public C++ Engine API
  • [CPP-685] - Remove references to obsolete environments and IDE
  • [CPP-691] - Engine.Settings.validateNumberOfRepeatingGroupInstances () should be removed
  • [CPP-692] - Validate.NumberOfRepeatingGroupInstances setting should be removed