New Feature

  • [CPP-1638] - BREAKING CHANGE: Limited support for Visual Studio 2008
  • [CPP-1625] - Support Visual Studio 2013
  • [CPP-1605] - EngineSettings::asyncFileBasedStorageQueueMaxSize()
  • [CPP-1595] - BREAKING CHANGE: ISessionStorage::resendingQueueSize
  • [CPP-1587] - Session::resendingQueueSize()
  • [CPP-1530] - BREAKING CHANGE: Session storage flush API
  • [CPP-1514] - Option to set maximum number of significant digits for float values


  • [CPP-1626] - Migrate to the dialects-2_13.xsd Dialect XML Schema file
  • [CPP-1618] - In case of internal errors IEngineListener::onError(..) should be called too
  • [CPP-1616] - EngineErrorReason::InternalError enum value
  • [CPP-1586] - Default precision 15 digits used to convert double to decimal is not enough
  • [CPP-1577] - Add "Logon Password Authentication" section to Programming Guide
  • [CPP-1535] - If MsgSeqNum (#34) is missed in incoming message the session should send logout instead of reject.
  • [CPP-1531] - onMessageSending callback should be called just before the FIX message is sent to the wire.
  • [CPP-1512] - Ability to provide more than one of the licence path to the EngineSettings::licenseStore
  • [CPP-1286] - Add typed values in accordance with FIX protocol types


  • [CPP-1594] - When connection is dropped ISessionListener::onWarning() reason parameter looks wrong
  • [CPP-1578] - Logon Password Authentication is broken