• [CPP-375] - Second Logon (A) message is NOT handled correctly when the Engine waits for the reply on Resend Request
  • [CPP-376] - Corrupted message log file when new messages are sent while the resend process is in progress


  • [CPP-354] - When a plain-text connection to SSL Listen Port is detected the corresponding error message should be written to the FIX Engine log file
  • [CPP-366] - Warning-free compilation of sample projects on all supported platforms
  • [CPP-383] - Ability to override standard dictionary without specifying identifier attribute ("id")
  • [CPP-389] - Session::reset() should be renamed to Session::resetLocalSequenceNumbers()
  • [CPP-390] - InputDataTraits parameter of FAST decoder

New Feature

  • [CPP-229] - Ability to write to Engine's log file from application code
  • [CPP-361] - Message::set(int tag, const Decimal& value) method
  • [CPP-362] - Decimal class
  • [CPP-363] - Decimal Message::getDecimal(int tag) method
  • [CPP-364] - Group::set(int tag, int repeatingGroupEntryIndex, const Decimal& value) method
  • [CPP-365] - Decimal Group::getDecimal(int tag, int repeatingGroupEntryIndex) method
  • [CPP-368] - 'override' mode for the 'FIX' node of the FIX dialect description
  • [CPP-385] - Acceptor.SendLogoutOnInvalidLogon configuration setting
  • [CPP-387] - EngineSettings::sendBufferSize(int value) method


  • [CPP-392] - Reference implementation for Nodal Exchange


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