Release Notes - C++ FIX Engine selfConnect implementations - Version

Release Notes - C++ FIX Engine selfConnect implementations - Version

12 November 2011


  • [CPP-292] - InitiatorConnectionSettings is not mentioned in the class list
  • [CPP-293] - Unable to create a working scheduler xml file
  • [CPP-314] - SSL-based connection fails on Linux, but works on Windows
  • [CPP-343] - Exception in Benchmark/Parser sample: Tag number is not detected. (RefSeqNum=1, RefMsgType=D, RefTagID=N/A, dictionary='Standard FIX.4.0')
  • [CPP-352] - Messages may be missed after erroneous login
  • [CPP-356] - Problems to Decode Fast Messages


  • [CPP-59] - Ability to use a custom Logout(5) message in Session::logout(..) method.
  • [CPP-233] - Availabilty of static method: Message::parse(const std::string& rawFixString, Version version)
  • [CPP-324] - Ability to specify the usage of default system values for 'Connection.ReceiveBufferSize' and 'Connection.SendBufferSize' settings.
  • [CPP-331] - Remove dependency on library
  • [CPP-332] - Symbolic links to ACE libraries should be added to Linux samples
  • [CPP-333] - Timestamp::toString() method
  • [CPP-334] - Availabilty of static method: Message::parse(const std::string& rawFixString, Dialect dialect)
  • [CPP-335] - Migrate from *.exe setup package to *.zip setup package
  • [CPP-339] - Message.Set(35,"NewMsgType") should throw an exception
  • [CPP-341] - Linux setup package name should include information about target operating system, compiler toolset as well as processor architecture
  • [CPP-347] - 'Tag number is not detected' exception should contain the source string
  • [CPP-349] - Engine::init(..) method should be thread-safe
  • [CPP-350] - Session::logonAsAcceptor() should throw an exception if SSL encryption method is specified but either SSL certificate file or SSL private key file is not specified

Information Request

New Feature

  • [CPP-98] - Encoder's constructor that accepts DialectId
  • [CPP-134] - Session::setReasonableTransmissionTime(..) method
  • [CPP-243] - Support Enhanced CME Globex Resend Logic
  • [CPP-312] - Timestamp Engine::getLicenseExpirationDate() method
  • [CPP-336] - Session::setSpecifyLastMsgSeqNumProcessedField(bool specify) method
  • [CPP-342] - Ability to specify more than one FIX dialect file
  • [CPP-345] - Session::setResendRequestMaximumRange(int range) method
  • [CPP-357] - const char* version2string(Version version) method
  • [CPP-358] - Dialect(Version version) constructor
  • [CPP-359] - Message::reset() method


Download links to the OnixS selfConnect latest releases are available here from the OnixS selfConnect FAQ Wiki - current release distribution downloads page

The OnixS Wiki is available to licensed OnixS customers only. If you do not already have permissioned login access please email to create and permission your user ID.

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