• [CPP-292] - InitiatorConnectionSettings is not mentioned in the class list
  • [CPP-293] - Unable to create a working scheduler xml file
  • [CPP-314] - SSL-based connection fails on Linux, but works on Windows
  • [CPP-343] - Exception in Benchmark/Parser sample: Tag number is not detected. (RefSeqNum=1, RefMsgType=D, RefTagID=N/A, dictionary='Standard FIX.4.0')
  • [CPP-352] - Messages may be missed after erroneous login
  • [CPP-356] - Problems to Decode Fast Messages


  • [CPP-59] - Ability to use a custom Logout(5) message in Session::logout(..) method.
  • [CPP-233] - Availabilty of static method: Message::parse(const std::string& rawFixString, Version version)
  • [CPP-324] - Ability to specify the usage of default system values for 'Connection.ReceiveBufferSize' and 'Connection.SendBufferSize' settings.
  • [CPP-331] - Remove dependency on crypto.so library
  • [CPP-332] - Symbolic links to ACE libraries should be added to Linux samples
  • [CPP-333] - Timestamp::toString() method
  • [CPP-334] - Availabilty of static method: Message::parse(const std::string& rawFixString, Dialect dialect)
  • [CPP-335] - Migrate from *.exe setup package to *.zip setup package
  • [CPP-339] - Message.Set(35,"NewMsgType") should throw an exception
  • [CPP-341] - Linux setup package name should include information about target operating system, compiler toolset as well as processor architecture
  • [CPP-347] - 'Tag number is not detected' exception should contain the source string
  • [CPP-349] - Engine::init(..) method should be thread-safe
  • [CPP-350] - Session::logonAsAcceptor() should throw an exception if SSL encryption method is specified but either SSL certificate file or SSL private key file is not specified

Information Request

New Feature

  • [CPP-98] - Encoder's constructor that accepts DialectId
  • [CPP-134] - Session::setReasonableTransmissionTime(..) method
  • [CPP-243] - Support Enhanced CME Globex Resend Logic
  • [CPP-312] - Timestamp Engine::getLicenseExpirationDate() method
  • [CPP-336] - Session::setSpecifyLastMsgSeqNumProcessedField(bool specify) method
  • [CPP-342] - Ability to specify more than one FIX dialect file
  • [CPP-345] - Session::setResendRequestMaximumRange(int range) method
  • [CPP-357] - const char* version2string(Version version) method
  • [CPP-358] - Dialect(Version version) constructor
  • [CPP-359] - Message::reset() method


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