PREVIEW release with Market By Order (MBO) support

In order to speed up the development of customer systems to support the upcoming Market By Order (MBO) functionality we publish this PREVIEW release.

Using this release OnixS has passed the MBO related CME AutoCert+ tests, the certification tips and replay log files are attached to the corresponding Jira tickets.

  • NOTE This preview release should NOT be used in Production.
  • NOTE To make sure that the existing Market By Price functionality works correctly after the introduction of MBO market data in Production it is required to migrate to the version .

Information about the availability of MBO can be found in CME Globex Notices.


  • [CCMEMDH-786] - AutoCert+: Channel Reset for Market by Order
  • [CCMEMDH-784] - AutoCert+: Implied Recovery Test for Market by Order Systems
  • [CCMEMDH-783] - AutoCert+: Implied Order Book Management for Market by Order Systems
  • [CCMEMDH-778] - AutoCert+: Book Management Messages for Market by Order test case
  • [CCMEMDH-777] - AutoCert+: Recovery Test for Market by Order

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