• [CCMEMDH-378] - BREAKING CHANGE: onProcessingIdle callback has been removed from MessageProcessingListener interface.
  • [CCMEMDH-377] - BREAKING CHANGE: Packet Pulling Strategies have been eliminated.
  • [CCMEMDH-376] - BREAKING CHANGE: Per Security and Per Message Book Update Notification strategies has been eliminated.
  • [CCMEMDH-367] - Can we please add 99th percentile to our benchmarks?
  • [CCMEMDH-305] - Update documentation to reflect recent changes and features
  • [CCMEMDH-283] - Improve price comparing performance
  • [CCMEMDH-264] - Switching Using Live Instrument Recovery Feed in Natural Refresh
  • [CCMEMDH-263] - BREAKING CHANGE: Shared TCP recovery service
  • [CCMEMDH-247] - Improve running environment logging
  • [CCMEMDH-236] - BREAKING CHANGE: message() member removed from BookBase template class
  • [CCMEMDH-235] - BREAKING CHANGE: onIdle callback renamed to follow consistency in listener members naming
  • [CCMEMDH-234] - BREAKING CHANGE: New book update notification strategy
  • [CCMEMDH-214] - bool FieldSet::contain (Tag tag) const method
  • [CCMEMDH-208] - Consolidated books are VERY slow
  • [CCMEMDH-200] - Converting best bid / ask as double takes 0.2usec
  • [CCMEMDH-82] - BREAKING CHANGE: Synchronize SecurityDefinition class with latest specs


  • [CCMEMDH-347] - InstrumentAttribute returns empty string
  • [CCMEMDH-346] - BookStates::toString() linker error

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