• [CPPCMEFAST-1152] - In case of PacketCacheOverflow the name of the packetQueueMaxSize configuration setting should be added to the warning message.
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1149] - The actual size of UDP socket buffer size should be logged.
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1147] - More information about the detected packet gap trigger reason should be added
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1135] - On-demand use of price level attributes in book changes
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1128] - BREAKING CHANGE: Book Cloning Improvements
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1127] - BREAKING CHANGE: Changes in packet gap detection logic
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1016] - "Low Latency Best Practices" section should be added to Programming Guide
  • [CPPCMEFAST-1014] - Put channel name into pthread name

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