• [CPPCMEFAST-316] - Security Definitions should NOT be filtered anymore
  • [CPPCMEFAST-319] - CME PriceLevel object should break down/distinguish between implied and direct quantity when obtained from a consolidated order book
  • [CPPCMEFAST-325] - Encapsulation of public fields into inline members desired for PriceLevel structure.
  • [CPPCMEFAST-344] - Heartbeats received via snapshot channel should be ignored
  • [CPPCMEFAST-347] - By default Sample Application should replay canned data from Cert environment
  • [CPPCMEFAST-349] - Copyright year should be changed from '2004-2011' to '2005-2012'
  • [CPPCMEFAST-350] - In all publich *.h files, internal files as well as sample programs the copyright year should be set to 2005-2012.
  • [CPPCMEFAST-351] - "Conectivity troubleshooting" section should be added to Programmer's Guide
  • [CPPCMEFAST-354] - Ability to get order books from snapshots when no live data is available

Information Request

New Feature

  • [CPPCMEFAST-71] - Handler::addSecurityDescriptionFilter(..) method is needed