ICE Exchange System ID Enhancement

OnixS is broadcasting an ICE API Notification that potentially could affect customer's processing code.

There are several tags and/or fields supported in ICE’s Derivative Trading Exchange APIs where ICE generated ids are disseminated out to client applications. While we do not have any stated maximum lengths on the ids, and therefore expect any client impact to be limited; historically the id lengths have been up to 9 digits. As exchange volumes have continued to increase, we have a need to increase the range to account for growth. As such, the range will be expanded to support up to 14 digits

ICE tags format changes

Implementation Plan

Production Environment

Support for the increased range is being added to the Exchanges Q3 2023 release that is tentatively scheduled to go live in late August. However, while we will build in the ability to support up to 14 digits, we do not plan to enable the expanded support in production on day one of the Q3 exchange release. We will announce a rollout schedule for the production enablement at a later date.

For planning purposes, any customers who might need to make changes are strongly encouraged to complete and rollout those changes to production on or around the exchange live date at the latest. This will help to ensure your applications’ readiness when production enablement begins post release.

Any customers who need to make changes are required to inform us by submitting a support case to us at  using the Non-Production Support case form at your earliest convenience.

When submitting your case please use the following guidance:

  • Subject: Exchange System ID Enhancement Impact

  • Description: <Provide a brief explanation of the impact and what you need to change>

  • Please submit this information to us by May 5, 2023.

Test Environment

The timeline for supporting the expanded ids in the API1 Test environment is late May 2023. A specific date will be shared in the coming weeks.

A supplementary note from OnixS on potential technical impacts of this change:

This change does not affect the current OnixS ICE iMpact Market Data, FIX Order Server, Private Order Feed (POF) or Trade Capture (TC) SDK implementations or associated FIX dialects. OnixS do not have types assigned to tags, so the OnixS SDKs returns all values as 'string'.

But it could cause integration issues in the customer specific integration code if this code is processing values according to the types specified in the ICE specification documents. e.g. the field OrderID<37> is marked as 'int' in the ICE Trade Capture (TC) spec, so now it will be necessary to process them as long, int64 or string types to avoid conversion errors due to the new length.

We suggest that customers review and test their integration code for the correct processing of the impacted fields as per the "ICE Exchange System ID Enhancement" alert to avoid any negative impact from these changes.