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OnixS TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API solutions.
Jun 27


OnixS offers “out of the box” solutions for seamless FIX connectivity to Trading Technologies’ TT® Platform, the company’s ultra-low-latency, hybrid-cloud trading platform for professional derivatives traders.

Access to the TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API requires a FIX Engine with calibrated FIX Dialects to support order routing and Drop Copy access to the wide range of supported venues, including CME, ICE, Eurex, MX, MEFF, Euronext, and CFE...

Jun 27

Looking for a C++ FIX Engine? Need the lowest latency?
Jun 22

Seeing multiple claims to provide the fastest, best performing, lowest latency?

Others claim all of the above but they can't all be true.

All OnixS FIX Engine implementations include benchmark samples with associated source code. We take the view that the only performance metrics that matter are those you see within your own target context. So we make it easy for you to run those benchmarks out-of-the box, with source code so you can see what is happening, and adapt it to your own context as needed...

Jun 22

LMEselect 9.1 - OnixS conformance certification.
Jun 08

LMEselect 9.1 will go live on Monday 26 June 2017 and will deliver system enhancements to facilitate the launch of LMEprecious products on Monday 10 July 2017.

LMEselect FIX API conformance testing is mandatory for FIX Market Data, Order Entry, and Drop Copy.

OnixS LMEselect 9.1 conformance certification was successfully completed on the 7th June 2017...

Jun 08