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Press Release: OnixS provides access to the new trading system of Eurex Exchange
Nov 19

London: OnixS has been providing early access releases of the new OnixS directConnect: Eurex Enhanced Market Data Interface [EMDI] and Eurex Reference Data Interface [RDI] Market Data Handlers, and Eurex Enhanced Trading Interface [ETI] Order Routing Handlers. With the Eurex NTA roll out plan now entering the production simulation phase we are pleased to confirm that OnixS are on schedule with the General Availability release of the OnixS directConnect: Eurex EMDI/RDI Market Data Handler, and the OnixS directConnect: Eurex ETI Order Routing Handlers. These solutions are out-of-the-box ultra low latency direct market access handlers designed for latency sensitive trading strategies that provide an easy migration path to the new Eurex Exchange derivatives trading platform...

Nov 19