Main Features

  • GC free: zero memory allocation on the critical path
  • Ultra-low latency: less than 1 microsecond is added in the roundtrip scenario on commodity hardware
  • Easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible API
  • High throughput
  • Low jitter
  • Fully supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Both .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 are supported
  • Robust implementation of the session layer, complete control over the gap fill/message resend logic, escape hatches to handle deviations from the FIX Protocol Standard
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Rich set of sample applications and quick start venue-specific reference implementations
  • Multiple FIX sessions are supported simultaneously (up to a few hundred), each session can be configured independently
  • Supports all current FIX Protocol Versions (including latest service packs), multiple versions can be used simultaneously
  • Messages, fields, and tags are easily customisable via the XML-based or API-based FIX Protocol Dictionaries to match non-standard extensions

API and Reference

The OnixS .NET Core/.NET 5 FIX Engine SDK includes the following reference implementation source code quick-start samples:

  • Buy-Side
  • Custom Field Generator
  • Custom Repeating Group
  • Database Session Storage
  • Dictionary Validator
  • Exchange Emulator
  • FAST Decoding Encoding
  • FIXML Converter
  • Flat Group Reader
  • Flat Message
  • Latency Benchmark
  • Message Fields Iteration
  • Parsing Benchmark
  • Pluggable Session Storage
  • Re-sending Messages
  • Sell-Side
  • Session Scheduler
  • Throughput Benchmark
  • Trading Client
  • Typed Messages

Licensing and Support

  • OnixS SDK products are licensed on an annual subscription fee basis. This is an annual all inclusive fee that includes the software license, maintenance support, updates and upgrades.
  • This annual subscription is based on a per production deployment usage license. There are no additional costs for development, test, UAT and DR licenses that exist in support of the production deployment licenses.
  • OnixS support ensures that availability of OnixS support services matches the applicable operational requirements and market trading windows of OnixS customers, and hence the production availability of all OnixS products. The applicable maintenance services are provided by OnixS for the SDK under the terms of a formal Software Services Agreement with service events being categorised based on the required service levels agreements.
  • The commercial license period starts when you have deployed the OnixS SDK into production live use. There are no costs while you are in development mode. This ensures that your and OnixS's objectives are aligned to get you into production.
  • OnixS maintain a Multi-Licensee Software Escrow master escrow agreement and associated source code vault deposits with the NCC Group. The standard OnixS Software Services Agreement licensing terms include the right for OnixS SDK licensees to register as a beneficiary under this tri-party escrow agreement. This is like an insurance policy for business critical infrastructure that both parties expect to never claim on, but provides necessary vendor business continuity reassurance.
  • OnixS continue to support the OnixS FIX Engine .NET Framework implementations and offer migration from .NET Framework to .NET Core/.NET 5 SDK implementations.
  • OnixS also support C++ implementations on Windows, RedHat, CentOS (and other Linux distributions), Java implementations, as well as the  .NET Framework and .NET Core implementations, and the license includes the option to migrate between other code bases and platforms.



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