Main features

MTS S.p.A. (“MTS”) MTS Repo market participants include international and domestic banks and institutional buy‐side clients creating liquidity across all the eurozone repo markets.

The MTS Repo markets platform provides an efficient order‐driven market place for repo agreements and buy/sellbacks, along with RFQ and OTC booking functionalities. The wide range of participants and instruments make it a benchmark electronic trading venue for the European repo market.

MTS Repo provides:

  • Liquidity in a wide range of eurozone government bonds
  • Automated trading capabilities with credit controls
  • Highly regulated trading environment
  • Automated settlement instructions and central clearing
  • Integration with all major European CSDs and ICSDs links
  • Full STP for post trade settlement

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Further information

The OnixS directConnect: MTS Repo Market/SDP (MMF) Market Data and Order Routing Handler SDK key features include:

  • Low latency, high throughput.
  • High-level and easy-to-use API that enable quick integration of MTS Market Data without deep involvement in the specific protocols.
  • Access using the SDP (SIA Data Protocol) native protocol or industry standard FIX protocol.
  • Maintaining books for subscribed instruments.
  • Automatic detection and recovery from failure scenarios.
  • Flexible filtering.
  • Highly configurable logging.
  • Getting Started, Benchmark and Backtesting samples which are designed to get up and running rapidly.
  • Light hardware and deployment requirements.
  • Agile and adjustable settings.
  • Full support of all the messages types.

MTS Repo Market/SDP (MMF) Market Data and Order Routing Handler SDK

  • C++ Handler library - Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc) and Windows
  • Documentation
  • Sample projects (Getting Started, Advanced, Benchmark, Backtesting, etc.)
Programming guide

OnixS is a MTS registered ISV. MTS is a registered trademark of MTS S.p.A.(“MTS”)