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January 23, 2019
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MEtech Global Consultant offerings that include the OnixS FIX Engine C++ product are now available.


Why MEtech Global Consultant for TWSE?


The Taiwan Securities Exchange (TWSE) is changing the trading market mechanics from a fixed 5-second call auction matching mechanism to a "continuous trading" mechanism in 2020. This fundamental market infrastructure change requires TWSE market participants to use modern High-Frequency Trading (HFT) solutions.

MEtech Global Consultant is focused on HFT solution and consultant service provider within Asian markets and is a partner of OnixS.


Addressing Change with OnixS and MEtech Global Consultant for Taiwan Securities Exchange (TWSE)

In support of this upcoming change, MEtech Global Consultant is offering a modern HFT total solution to Taiwan Securities Exchange (TWSE) market participants. MEtech Global Consultant provides a comprehensive solution and professional consulting service to support and fulfill the upcoming new generation trading platform transformation. This includes "BlackCore” liquid cooling overclocking server, "Exablaze" low latency switch and NICs, and "OnixS" ultra-low latency direct market access FIX Engine SDKs.


OnixS ultra-high performance direct market access Software Development Kit (SDK) solutions provide multi-platform, multi-venue direct market access market data handler, order routing hander, and post-trade feeds for exchanges such as CME, ICE, SGX. OnixS solutions are used by more than 300 of the world’s most demanding market participants. Consequently, MEtech Global Consultant offers the OnixS FIX Engine SDKs to provide low latency technology to TWSE trading participants.


Request Your Download


OnixS SDK implementations include fast-start source code reference implementations with client and latency benchmarking samples, designed for rapid developer familiarisation, and to get trading strategies up and running quickly.


For more information and to download a fully functional evaluation distribution of the OnixS FIX Engine C++ implementations, see https://www.onixs.biz/cpp-fix-engine.html


For more information regarding the MEtech Global Consultant TWSE solution set – contact Sales@onixs.biz. You can also download a fully functional distribution of the OnixS FIX C++ implementations here.

Is your FIX Engine specifically designed for ultra-low latency, high-frequency trading infrastructure?