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May 25, 2019
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As the first .NET Core implementation comes available on the market, OnixS have released a new .NET Core FIX Engine SDK implementation.


Why .NET Core? It’s the Future of the .NET Standard Platform


Looking at .NET Core specifically, it is the next evolution software framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

As Microsoft advance their roadmap, .NET Framework will no longer be updated to support new APIs and language features (though it will still be supported by Microsoft). As a result, .NET Core will be the future open source, cross-platform and fast moving onward developed version of the .NET Standard.

In response, OnixS have released the first .NET Core implementation on the market - the OnixS .NET Core FIX Engine SDK implementation.


About OnixS .NET Solutions


OnixS provides high-performance, low latency, scalable FIX Engine SDKs based on the current (.Net Framework) and next generation (.NET Core) .NET Standard platform technologies.

These are implementations of the FIX Protocol that FIX-enable .NET applications (C#, VB.NET, F#, etc.) in a simple, reliable and cost effective manner.

OnixS has supported the .NET Standard based FIX Engine SDKs for over 14 years with a key value of using the OnixS SDKs being the forward migration based on technology platform, protocol and venue API changes.


Request Your Download


Need to update your implementation to the latest .NET Standards?

OnixS .NET FIX SDKs are high-performance, low-latency, scalable, and are based on the current and next generation .NET Standard platform technologies.

To find out more, you can request an evaluation download of the OnixS .NET Core FIX Engine here - the first implementation available on the market today.

Is your FIX Engine specifically designed for ultra-low latency, high-frequency trading infrastructure?