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February 22, 2018
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London: Onix Solutions Limited (OnixS) today announced that the OnixS Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) Direct Market Access handler solutions are formally certificated for use and are ready for the planned migration of CFE onto the Bats technology platform on February 25...

A key benefit of the OnixS directConnect venue specific direct market access SDK library implementations is the forward migration path service level guarantee - meaning that when the venue updates their APIs then the OnixS releases are also updated to support the new APIs, and the updated implementations are available to existing users within the scope of the existing license.

OnixS directConnect: CFE Multicast PITCH Market Data Handler, Binary Order Entry (BOE) and FIX Order Entry and FIX Drop Copy updates for the new CFE platform on Bats technology stack are part of the OnixS service level commitment to maintain our direct market access solutions for such Exchange updates.

“The access to our exchange APIs provided by 3rd party Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are a key benefit to our market participants,” said Chris Issacson, Cboe Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “We are pleased to be working with OnixS to support our mutual customers in preparation for CFE’s migration to the Bats technology platform.  These efforts are vital to a successful and seamless migration.”

Wayne Meikle, Commercial Director of OnixS said: "These OnixS CFE SDK API solutions provide market leading support for latency critical trading applications while reducing the development and maintenance burden for such updates. We're pleased that our customers have seen this benefit and will be able to migrate smoothly to the latest Cboe Futures Exchange platform technology."

For more information see www.onixs.biz/cboe.html

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About OnixS www.onixs.biz :
Onix Solutions Limited [OnixS] is a London headquartered specialist software business providing high performance multi-platform, multi-venue Direct Market Access [DMA] market data and order routing software SDK solutions.

The OnixS FIX Engine products are FIX Engine implementations designed to be easily integrated within existing application frameworks. The OnixS FIX Support Packs extend the FIX Engine products with calibrated, certified and supported venue specific FIX Dialect implementations.

The OnixS directConnect products are FIX and non-FIX proprietary protocol connectivity and market data solutions calibrated and certified for specific Exchanges, Liquidity Pools and Routing Networks/Brokers. They are specific SDK API solutions designed and packaged to save money and time in both the build and ongoing maintenance of the required market data handler, order routing trading handler, and post trade Drop Copy and reporting API capabilities for algorithmic trading strategies and applications.

For more information contact:
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+44 20 7117 0111