Intercontinental Exchange [ICE] ice

The OnixS directConnect: ICE solutions provide software libraries that include low latency market data handler, order entry via FIX, ICE Private Order Feed (ICE POF) support, and support for the post-trade ICE FIX Trade Capture FIX feed. 

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ICE iMpact Multicast Market Data Handler

The OnixS directConnect: ICE iMpact Multicast Market Data Feed Handler provides ultra low latency access to ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed.

ICE Trade Capture

The OnixS directConnect: ICE Trade Capture solutions supports the ICE FIX Trade Capture service that post trade confirmations through a FIX protocol-based messaging interface. They are pre-certified with the ICE thus providing a set of production-ready, fully maintained and quick to implement ICE platform market access solutions.

ICE FIX Trade Handler

The OnixS directConnect: ICE FIX Trade Handler includes a bundle of the high performance OnixS FIX Engine with an ICE specific FIX variant dialect and sample trading client reference implementation source code.

  • Based on ultra low latency OnixS FIX Engine implementations
  • ICE pre-calibrated and pre-certified
  • Supports both session and application level requirements
  • Fully supported and maintained ICE FIX Order Routing specific FIX Dialect
  • Multithreaded architecture.

ICE Private Order Feed

The OnixS directConnect: ICE Private Order Feed Handlers  provide easy and reliable access to ICE's FIX Protocol based Private Order Feed Gateway for real-time order and trade information.

ICE DMA solutions

OnixS offer a service level guarantee that the implementations are production ready and will support the current ICE API’s and future enhancements.

The solutions are designed for rapid integration with existing trading and ETRM architectures, with a common API style and flexible logging to analyze and diagnose issues and activity quickly.

The software distributions include fast-start source code reference implementations designed for rapid familiarization and minimum time to deployment – thus saving time and money in integration testing.


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