Main features

The ICE trading platform supports a range of derivatives markets including:


  • ICE Futures Europe: Energy, Dry Freight, Ferrous Metals, LIFFE Commodities
  • ICE Futures US: All Markets (including Canada Ags, LIFFE Metals, Equity Indices, GCF Repo, Eurodollar, and BAKKT)
  • ICE OTC: All Markets
  • ICE Endex Futures: Belgian Power, Dutch Power, GASPOOL, NCG Gas, TTF Gas
  • ICE Futures Singapore: All Markets
  • ICE Endex Spot Markets: OCM, TTF Spot, ZTP Spot
  • Other Markets: Platts, NGX, BRIX, Griffin, CETIP, ICE CDS Swap Futures
  • ICE Futures Europe: LIFFE STIRS, LIFFE Three Month Euro and Eonia, LIFFE Swapnote, LIFFE Bonds,
  • LIFFE Indices, LIFFE Equity Derivatives
  • ICE IRS Swap Futures, ICE Endex Equity Derivatives

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Further information

For direct market access to these markets, OnixS provides the OnixS directConnect: ICE Direct Market Access SDK software libraries that include the low latency ICE iMpact market data handler, order entry via FIX, ICE Private Order Feed (ICE POF) support, and support for the post-trade ICE FIX Trade Capture (ICE TC) feed.

The OnixS directConnect: ICE Direct Market Access SDK solutions distributions include fast-start source code reference implementations designed for rapid familiarization and minimum time to deployment – thus saving time and money in integration development, testing and ongoing maintenance.



ICE Direct Market Access SDK solutions

Service Level Guarantee

Like all OnixS directConnect SDK solutions, the OnixS directConnect: ICE Direct Market Access SDK solutions offer a service level guarantee that the implementations are production ready and will support the current ICE API’s and future ICE API specification enhancements.

Platforms supported

Supported platforms including C++ Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc), C++ Windows, the .NET Standard frameworks, and Java.

Technical reference