Low latency .NET Core/.NET 6 FIX Protocol SDK implementations that provide simple, quick, reliable and cost-effective solutions to FIX-enable .NET applications based on Microsoft's unified .NET platform.

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Supported platforms
Linux, Windows and macOS

.NET Core 3.1
.NET 5
.NET 6

The benefits of OnixS FIX Engine products

Fully supported easy to use high performance multi-platform FIX Protocol standards SDKs.

The FIX Engine, FIX Parser, and FIX/FAST Decoder/Encoder SDKs for .NET / C#, C++ and Java are development efficiency solutions on a low cost fully supported subscription basis. They are high-performance multi-platform FIX library implementations offering developers a fast-start to FIX-enable trading, order management and risk management systems while minimising the initial and long term cost of deployment of critical trading infrastructure.

  • FIX Parsing for Application Integration and Middleware End Points

    The OnixS FIX Parser implementations can be used independently of the network and FIX session-level support, where the requirements are to consume or generate FIX messages. The OnixS FIX Parser interprets the incoming message bitstream, checks the syntax, and creates a structured representation of the FIX message with an easy to use API. Equally outgoing messages can be easily created and validated. Typical use-cases are supporting FIX parsing and messaging for application frameworks and Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) infrastructure, sending and receiving FIX messages between distributed systems.

  • Fast-Start Reference Implementation source code samples

    All OnixS FIX Engine software distributions include quick-start source code reference implementation working examples for FIX parser, latency and throughput benchmarks, working with FIX dialects and repeating groups, FIX message parser and FAST decoding and encoding, FIXML convertor, session scheduler, pluggable session state and message storage as well as FIX initiator/accepter client application examples supporting the full FIX implementation of session layer standards.

  • Venue specific FIX variants and non-FIX protocol DMA SDKs

    OnixS offer a comprehensive range of OnixS directConnect venue specific SDK solutions including FIX variant and proprietary protocol implementations that are calibrated, tested and supported implementations. Where the venues expose a FIX API, OnixS provides a bundle of the OnixS FIX Engine, the venue specific FIX dictionary variant, and fast-start reference implementation source code samples designed to reduce the integration time and cost for the specific venues.