FIX 5.0 : UnderlyingSecurityType <310> field

Type: String

Used In


Underlying security's SecurityType.

Valid values: see SecurityType <167> field

The following applies when used in conjunction with SecurityType <167>=REPO.

Represents the general or specific type of security that underlies a financing agreement.

Valid values for SecurityType <167>=REPO:

TREASURY = Federal government or treasury

PROVINCE = State, province, region, etc.

AGENCY = Federal agency

MORTGAGE = Mortgage passthrough

CP = Commercial paper

CORP = Corporate

EQUITY = Equity

SUPRA = Supra-national agency


If bonds of a particular issuer or country are wanted in an Order or are in the basket of an Execution and the SecurityType <167> is not granular enough, include the UnderlyingIssuer <306>, UnderlyingCountryOfIssue <592>, UnderlyingProgram, UnderlyingRegType and/or <UnderlyingStipulations> block e.g.:

SecurityType <167>=REPO

UnderlyingSecurityType <310>=MORTGAGE

UnderlyingIssuer <306>=GNMA


SecurityType <167>=REPO

UnderlyingSecurityType <310>=AGENCY

UnderlyingIssuer <306>=CA Housing Trust

UnderlyingCountryOfIssue <592>=CA


SecurityType <167>=REPO

UnderlyingSecurityType <310>=CORP

UnderlyingNoStipulations <887>=1

UnderlyingStipulationType <888>=RATING

UnderlyingStipulationValue <889>=>bbb-

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