FIX 5.0 : CustOrderHandlingInst <1031> field

Type: MultipleStringValue

Used In


Codes that apply special information that the Broker / Dealer needs to report, as specified by the customer. NOTE: This field and its values have no bearing on the ExecInst and TimeInForce fields. These values should not be used instead of ExecInst or TimeInForce. This field and its values are intended for compliance reporting only. For DeskTypeSource (1034) = 1 (NASD OATS), valid values are (as of OATS Phase 3 as provided by NASD. See also for a complete list.

Valid values:

ADD = Add-on Order

AON = All or None

CNH = Cash Not Held

DIR = Directed Order

E.W = Exchange for Physical Transaction

FOK = Fill or Kill

IO = Imbalance Only

IOC = Immediate or Cancel

LOO = Limit On Open

LOC = Limit on Close

MAO = Market at Open

MAC = Market at Close

MOO = Market on Open

MOC = Market On Close

MQT = Minimum Quantity

NH = Not Held

OVD = Over the Day

PEG = Pegged

RSV = Reserve Size Order

S.W = Stop Stock Transaction

SCL = Scale

TMO = Time Order

TS = Trailing Stop

WRK = Work

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