FIX 5.0 : PosType <703> field

Type: String

Used In


Used to identify the type of quantity that is being returned.

Valid values:

ALC = Allocation Trade Qty

AS = Option Assignment

ASF = As-of Trade Qty

DLV = Delivery Qty

ETR = Electronic Trade Qty

EX = Option Exercise Qty

FIN = End-of-Day Qty

IAS = Intra-spread Qty

IES = Inter-spread Qty

PA = Adjustment Qty

PIT = Pit Trade Qty

SOD = Start-of-Day Qty

SPL = Integral Split

TA = Transaction from Assignment

TOT = Total Transaction Qty

TQ = Transaction Quantity

TRF = Transfer Trade Qty

TX = Transaction from Exercise

XM = Cross Margin Qty

RCV = Receive Quantity

CAA = Corporate Action Adjustment

DN = Delivery Notice Qty

EP = Exchange for Physical Qty

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