FIX 5.0 : OrdType <40> field

Type: char

Used In


Order type.

Valid values:

1 = Market

2 = Limit

3 = Stop / Stop Loss

4 = Stop Limit

5 = Market On Close (No longer used)

6 = With Or Without

7 = Limit Or Better (Deprecated in FIX 4.4)

8 = Limit With Or Without

9 = On Basis

A = On Close (No longer used)

B = Limit On Close (No longer used)

C = Forex Market (No longer used)

D = Previously Quoted

E = Previously Indicated

F = Forex Limit (No longer used)

G = Forex Swap

H = Forex Previously Quoted (No longer used)

I = Funari (Limit day order with unexecuted portion handles as Market On Close. E.g. Japan)

J = Market If Touched (MIT)

K = Market With Left Over as Limit (market order with unexecuted quantity becoming limit order at last price)

L = Previous Fund Valuation Point (Historic pricing; for CIV)

M = Next Fund Valuation Point (Forward pricing; for CIV)

P = Pegged

Q = Counter-Order Selection

Appendix 6-F: 11.Removed Deprecated "On Close"-related Values for OrdType Field [Deprecated in FIX 4.3, Removed in FIX 4.4] and
Appendix 6-F: 14.Removed three Deprecated "Forex - "-related Values for OrdType Field [Deprecated and Replaced in FIX 4.3, Removed in FIX 4.4] ***

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