FIX 5.0 : <PegInstructions> component block

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The Peg Instructions component block is used to tie the price of a security to a market event such as opening price, mid-price, best price. The Peg Instructions block may also be used to tie the price to the behavior of a related security.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
211 PegOffsetValue N Amount (signed) added to the peg for a pegged order in the context of the PegOffsetType
835 PegMoveType N Describes whether peg is static/fixed or floats
836 PegOffsetType N Type of Peg Offset (e.g. price offset, tick offset etc)
837 PegLimitType N Specifies nature of resulting pegged price (e.g. or better limit, strict limit etc)
838 PegRoundDirection N If the calculated peg price is not a valid tick price, specifies how to round the price (e.g. be more or less aggressive)
840 PegScope N The scope of the "related to" price of the peg (e.g. local, global etc)
1094 PegPriceType N Defines the type of peg.
1096 PegSecurityIDSource N Required if PegSecurityID is specified.
1097 PegSecurityID N Requires PegSecurityIDSource if specified.
1098 PegSymbol N
1099 PegSecurityDesc N

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