FIX 5.0 : <InstrmtMDReqGrp> component block

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Symbols (instruments) requested


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
146 NoRelatedSym N Number of symbols (instruments) requested.
=> Component Block - <Instrument> Y Insert here the set of "Instrument" (symbology) fields defined in "Common Components of Application Messages"
=> Component Block - <UndInstrmtGrp> N
=> Component Block - <InstrmtLegGrp> N
=> 15 Currency N
=> 537 QuoteType N
=> 63 SettlType N
=> 64 SettlDate N
=> 271 MDEntrySize N Quantity or volume represented by the Market Data Entry. In the context of the Market Data Request this allows the Initiator to indicate the quantity of the market data request. Specific to FX this field indicates the ceiling amount the customer is seeking prices for.

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