FIX 5.0 SP2 : PosAmtType <707> field

Type: String

Used In


Type of Position amount.

Valid values:

CASH = Cash Amount (Corporate Event)

CRES = Cash Residual Amount

FMTM = Final Mark-to-Market Amount

IMTM = Incremental Mark-to-Market Amount

PREM = Premium Amount

SMTM = Start-of-Day Mark-to-Market Amount

TVAR = Trade Variation Amount

VADJ = Value Adjusted Amount

SETL = Settlement Value

ICPN = Initial Trade Coupon Amount

ACPN = Accrued Coupon Amount

CPN = Coupon Amount

IACPN = Incremental Accrued Coupon

CMTM = Collateralized Mark to Market

ICMTM = Incremental Collateralized Mark to market

DLV = Compensation Amount

BANK = Total Banked Amount

COLAT = Total Collateralized Amount

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