FIX 5.0 SP2 : RequestForPositions <AN> message

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The Request For Positions message is used by the owner of a position to request a Position Report from the holder of the position, usually the central counter party or clearing organization. The request can be made at several levels of granualarity.

- Position Report only

- Positions and related Trades

- Exercises only

- Assignments only

- Settlements activity

The message can be used to request a one time snapshot of positions or to subscribe to updates as they occur using the SubscriptionRequestType (tag 263). The ResponseTransportType (tag 725) can be used to specify if the reports are to be sent inband over the session transport or out-of-band of band over an alternative transport such as FTP.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
Component Block - <StandardHeader> Y MsgType = AN
710 PosReqID Y Unique identifier for the Request for Positions as assigned by the submitter
724 PosReqType Y
573 MatchStatus N
263 SubscriptionRequestType N

Used to subscribe / unsubscribe for trade capture reports

If the field is absent, the value 0 will be the default

Component Block - <Parties> Y Position Account
1 Account N
660 AcctIDSource N
581 AccountType N Type of account associated with the order (Origin)
Component Block - <Instrument> N
15 Currency N
Component Block - <InstrmtLegGrp> N Specifies the number of legs that make up the Security
Component Block - <UndInstrmtGrp> N Specifies the number of underlying legs that make up the Security
715 ClearingBusinessDate Y The Clearing Business Date referred to by this request
716 SettlSessID N
717 SettlSessSubID N
Component Block - <TrdgSesGrp> N Specifies the number of repeating TradingSessionIDs
60 TransactTime Y Time this order request was initiated/released by the trader, trading system, or intermediary.
725 ResponseTransportType N Ability to specify whether the response to the request should be delivered inband or via pre-arranged out-of-band transport.
726 ResponseDestination N URI destination name. Used if ResponseTransportType is out-of-band.
58 Text N
354 EncodedTextLen N Must be set if EncodedText field is specified and must immediately precede it.
355 EncodedText N Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding field.
120 SettlCurrency N
Component Block - <StandardTrailer> Y