Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
386 NoTradingSessions N
336 TradingSessionID Y Identifier for Trading Session
625 TradingSessionSubID N
1327 TradSesUpdateAction N
207 SecurityExchange N
1301 MarketID N Market for which Trading Session applies
1300 MarketSegmentID N Market Segment for which Trading Session applies
1326 TradingSessionDesc N
338 TradSesMethod N Method of Trading
339 TradSesMode N Trading Session Mode
325 UnsolicitedIndicator N "Y" if message is sent unsolicited as a result of a previous subscription request.
340 TradSesStatus Y State of trading session.
567 TradSesStatusRejReason N Used with TradSesStatus = "Request Rejected"
341 TradSesStartTime N Starting time of trading session
342 TradSesOpenTime N Time of the opening of the trading session
343 TradSesPreCloseTime N Time of pre-close of trading session
344 TradSesCloseTime N Closing time of trading session
345 TradSesEndTime N End time of trading session
387 TotalVolumeTraded N
Component Block - <TradingSessionRules> N Insert here the set of "TradingSessionRules" fields defined in "common components of application messages"
60 TransactTime N
58 Text N
354 EncodedTextLen N Must be set if EncodedText field is specified and must immediately precede it.
355 EncodedText N Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding field.

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